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@goat I'm a member of the hot wife crew, I'm a tradwife and a egirl too, home with the MILF in the morning, singing the same old song!

Rise with the moon go to bed with the sun
Early to bed and you'll miss all the fun
Bring your wife and trouble, it'll never trouble you
Make her a member of the hot wife crew!

watching the news last nite, i was getting so scared for my safety, here in the Home Counties of the United Kingdom. thank you to all who sent theyre love and support in this difficult time

family, misgendering 

press mum for wrong pronouns

i miss my friends who i never reach out to

i have straight friends but like being straight is pretty embarrassing. like. grow up.

My one super power is being innocent in lewd threads.

if anyone other than @00dani has a pony avatar i get confused

maybe we should ban horses from offline and only have them on the internet

it will never stop amazing me that there are two separate websites, called, respectively, "BBC Good Food", and "BBC Food"

Ugh it's my birthday, can I redo last year again? I don't think I gave it a proper go.

i keep taking selfies and then not posting them

not because i don't want to, but because i keep forgetting to post them and then they get lost in my photo collection

food, card games 

just ate a whole pack of black jack

Picture of my new tapestry/dirts christmas present, EC, boosts+++++ this is the best thing ive ever made 

a love letter in equal parts to Philly, to queerness, and to my best friend.


> it's irresponsible to create a space you can't safely moderate

this but in huge letters

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