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Mask selfie eye contact 

@andi there's some on etsy, but etsy has a policy against advertising anything "medical grade" so i don't know how good they are

there's also some disposable ones on amazon

Okay, serious question: How would you describe the smile in this emoji? 🙂


household "drama" 

i will not be shutting up about this today

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household "drama" 

i'm sorry, did i just get woken up because there was no loo roll on the holder?

(there are more, they live right under the holder)

@the i would say hey let's chat but it's 3am and i should have been asleep 3 hours ago :blobcat:

i should have done some art today but instead i played some old school runescape

I'm still trying to raise the money to move
We've managed to stop it from being an emergency last minute eviction move thru the courts but we still need to be out by end of Dec
All the money we'd raised has been chipped away by stupid emergencies like power shut offs and car break downs

Sorry I'm a mess and annoying AF with doing these all the time but..

Please if you could help and boost or cross post? 🖤 💖$luxotek

me, a catgirl interested in linguistics: /ɲa/


had a dream where:

- i was in a paddling pool and it was warm
- i was on the toilet doing my taxes
- i watched the old man walk into a wall (funny as heck)
- apparently "sith" is a girls name

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