@torie no, this is very straight because of where her left arm is


@Aleums please, i need your bank details to send you this money

subtoot, crimes 

imagine buying a car, rather than stealing one from your rich neighbours

@andi woke up with this song stuck in my heads. thanks

@moiety has queer.garden started accepting media from hellsite.site again? i'm seeing avis for some people but not others

Hollow dildo selfie 

@andi Andi wtf

this is the best idea ever

@andi fairly sure that was "this is not a what" but ok

@eject Try to pretend that "Machinima Mah Na Mah Na" isn't the phrase you've been looking for all these long years to finally justify the very existence of the Internet herself

reaching dangerous shrieking levels

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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