ugh ran out of ink for my wacom tablet

@popstar that's pretty cold though, especially if it's wet and windy

spotify have upped their 1 month free premium offer to 3 months

i think i'll just wait until they offer me a year for free

@Garrison ah yeah to get the caffeine in quicker, right?

@cwebber is sharing a car ride to a consumer trade show a CESpool?

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Very rough concept for a painting 

@binchicken can i make it look good though? :meowthinking:


arguing with a friend about seasoning food just so i can say "don't get salty"

Very rough concept for a painting 

Idk what do people think?

@torie did you delete because everyone voted "this feels kinda self indulgent"? :blobcat:

Trans headcannon onto real people 

@MxCraven duncan?

@moiety if it takes much longer i'll be getting us both a refund :blobcatsarah:

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