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subtoot, crimes 

imagine buying a car, rather than stealing one from your rich neighbours

@moiety has started accepting media from again? i'm seeing avis for some people but not others

@eject Try to pretend that "Machinima Mah Na Mah Na" isn't the phrase you've been looking for all these long years to finally justify the very existence of the Internet herself

reaching dangerous shrieking levels

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

looking back at last year, i think we could have done things better

then again, hindsight is 2020

real poetry is devoid of feeling and reads like prose

real poetry is devoid of feeling and reads like prose


House basically to myself for the day and I've already bruised my insides


people who are into chastity *really* don't like me talking about how easy it is to pick combo locks

asking for advice, boost ++++++++ 

hey y'all! as some of you might know I'm moving for the first time in my life soon™️ but in the meantime I'm doing some roomie interviews/chats (which I've also never done before)

what are some questions I should be asking during these calls? are there any pieces of advice you have for me?

I'm v nervous about this so anything helps, even if it seems incredibly obvious


hello, am reminding you to eat a food and drink a water if you haven't in a while :blobcatheart:

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