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A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Please help me to raise money for my close friend who's desperately trying to leave a deeply toxic and abusive environment with her two small and adorable children that don't deserve any of this shit. She's already been made homeless twice recently. Things are fully beyond breaking point and the official channels for support, though they've tried, are repeatedly failing her family in dangerous ways. (1/5)

oh, it's bin day 

beep beep beep beep bang bang screech whine rumble bang beep beep beep hiss beep beep beep

The tenth Fast and Furious movie should totally be called Fast 10 Your Seatbelt

updating my cv with celery (the software) and adding a picture of some celery (the plant)

i only drink decaf btw, so no it wasn't for the caffeine

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why on this very warm day did i have a coffee?

the only reason i don't think pride flags are ableist is because there are so many that even if you get some colours "wrong", it's probably a pride flag

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

debian that guy in the lamp stack stands for gay shork

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