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art for sale 

Hello i put up some non-binary inspired art on my etsy shop:

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history will decide whether or not i was a catboy

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finally got my automated backup script working

turns out bash is a pile of poop and/or i do not understand how quotes work in shell scripts

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if i'm in your dreams you have to tell me

maybe something that's not black and white this time :blobcatsarah:

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i think i need to buy myself some new clothes but i don't know what

like what would even look good on me?

wanna clean my room (which requires music) but other people are in meetings

everyone should have a blobcat version of themselves :blobcatsarah:

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this is my spooky skeleton gf, my vertebae

nuclear take on alcohol, terrible joke 

the best way to drink in moderation is to use a graphite mug

drone kink 

had this sudden urge to go look up the price of this drone mask i'd seen and thank goodness i could not find it for sale

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