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Queer update: I'm demandingly and generously queer.

An on the way to my cousins graduation party, am v proud of him!

How is everyone today?

Coconut lime ice cream came out well, so thats nice

Am v sleepy now

“Recently, when I logged into the Mastodon instance—a “Libertarian Socialist solarpunk instance”—I found a photo of someone’s blooming spider plant next to a conversation about the consequences of ethical transparency in hierarchical systems. It struck me as the quintessential early-Internet experience.”

Oh wow the author is actually ON mastodon

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“Each Mastodon instance can set its own rules about formats, acceptable speech, privacy, and other issues. The rules of the instance, for example, emphasize civility (“don’t be a jerk”), while the instance allows not-safe-for-work content.”

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Oh hey’s code of conduct is in the new yorker!

- we get one of those forclosed on mansions in pittsburgh and turn it into a queer co-op
- everyones queer af
- i keep bees on the roof

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Queer update: I'm notably queer, pretty much constantly.

Or I could make a frittata for dinner tomorrow. Hmm

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Might also make french style ice cream or something as well????

We get two dozen eggs as part of our csa share (the chickens get free range of the farm to keep the bugs down) & we’ve been bad at using them up lately so we have lots

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Cake plans were cancelled bc we’re out of almond flour so I made Pots de Creme instead

They’re flavored w/green tea, honey, and orange flower water so nice and springlike hopefully

Lol hey everyone

I definitely did not forget about this acct for several months or anything

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How many tears in your charging cables casing can you patch with duct tape before it officially counts as a fire hazard?

If my cat breaks my mirror, which of us gets the bad luck?

I’m hoooome! I missed my bed so much

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