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hey! if you've followed me just recently, I came to because my previous instance,, was having bad lag issues! it's back functional now. I'm gonna keep this as an alt/backup, and I should continue to receive notifications here. if you like my posting, please follow my older account @byttyrs!

I'm friends with a lot of people who reacted really hard and fast to, and I would really prefer it if we collectively took our foot off the accelerator pedal and found the brake

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personally, I think it's fine for other people to use the Internet differently from me, and it would be graceful to give new Internet neighbors awhile to, say, figure out how the CW function works.

because like, I came in on the mid-August 2018 influx, we were also disruptive in our time, we did acculturate to Fedi etiquette, we've seen a number of influxes since then, and the only compelling explanation for the speed and vitriol of people's reaction to is anti-Blackness

I dont know where this is coming from 

Coexist bumpersticker but it says centrist

@selontheweb peeling back the curtain and revealing sel's collection of forbidden words

food discourse, gross, and kink-proximal? 

socks are a kind of dumpling

'leathermen shouldn't be at pride' discorse 

Seriously, fuck all the way off with that.

Leathermen were the ones in the aids crisis fund raising at the bars and marching.

They were the ones off forming communities.

How fucking dair people suggest they not be included in pride because 'think of the children' pearl clutching.

the words "I'm baby" set me on flight fight or freeze if I'm totally tbh honest with y'all

itching with curiosity to find out what bees thinks they haven't been hiding well

will someone pls assign me an anime character. who would I be and why
(I have never watched anything apart from satoshi kon movies and, like, akira)

the good thing about having one foot in the discourse camp and another in the shit post camp is if i dont want to deal with shit in my replies i know how to switch gears like a fuckin pro

the bad thing: i receive hate and criticism from people who are anti-shitposts and people who are anti-discourse alike. its basically the same as being bisexual is what im saying

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