The Staircase

It is said that the steps lead to where the traveler is needed most, and return to where they most want to be

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The Tiller

Built to break through a curse placed upon earth and stone

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dialect quiz trashpost 

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flickering gif, dialect quiz trashpost 

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fashion board 

Here's a board I made late last year. I titled this one "an enormous army stands against my style in vain"

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open for domme 

The Dancer

They haven't stopped moving since the song began, each step carrying them closer to the hourglass

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The Hammer and Nail

They say the foundations themselves were constructed with this instrument, and they had one nail left over for any later additions.

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The Open Book

Within its pages are stories that will never be written until they are read.

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The Four Cities

Always on the horizon, no matter what direction you look.

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Queer Garden

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