I should go to sleep, but I think I'm going to open up an old Minecraft save and wander around. I'll reply to this post with a description of anything interesting I find.

I have arrived between two arched columns of dark stone. A sign nearby greets me in my own handwriting: "Welcome Repose". It is raining.

A poorly-made path guides me through the woods to a small stone well and the rubble of a building. Did lightning burn this down? Did I? The path does not continue. Inside the building is a chest filled with seeds.

Hidden beneath the chest is a ladder that descends deep. I follow the rungs downward, pulling out torches in preparation.

My feet find cool stone, and a narrow tunnel that stretches on and on to the left and right. There is a sign on the wall:

(unfinished) ->

<- mts. of memory

I have been walking through the tunnel for some time now. It is, for the most part, lit with torches placed along the wall. Occasionally, it is lit by lava pressing against irregular windows.

Part of the tunnel has an arched glass ceiling through which I can see a vast cavern. A waterfall tumbles from the darkness above and steams into a pool of lava. There are no obvious exits, so I will keep walking.

I've reached the end of the tunnel. I climb a ladder, up and up, and arrive through small trap door in a tiny building. There is a chest here, filled with boats. I take one and head outside. Another path through the woods greets me.

There is a short wooden dock out into a small lake. Across the water I can see a pair of stone pillars flanking the end of a river. I take the boat out into the water and begin rowing.

The river winds through woods, plains, and hills. Along the way I see small stone pillars topped with glowstone. I reach a fork in the river; the pillars lead to the right. I follow them.

The hills rise up on either side of me, taller and taller. There are small dark obelisks on the steepening banks, set in warbling lines.

From behind the obelisks large caves open up. Many of their entrances are carved, set in white stone as wide gates. Distant lights beckon from within, but I have reached a stone pier on the river.

I climb stairs to a clearing at the base of a mountain range. Above each peak a small light floats fixed, placed to commemorate, perhaps. There is large structure of disparate stones here. I will rest there for now.

The building is bigger on the inside. The floor is much deeper than the ground outside, carved out haphazardly, torches slotted in alcoves like scattered stars.

Perhaps this stairway leads somewhere. Perhaps I will venture into the depths another time. The real world's light is too dim in this season. For now I wish to see the sun and the moon.

Also, I found a text file yesterday that has the locations of some points of interest for this world.

The nearest is the Reliquary.

I head outside again. There is a small garden nearby, far more neatly arranged than the structure next to it. My destination is just over the mountains, but they are very tall, and I am wary of the lights at their peaks.

There is a small trail of cobblestones set in the ground that lead to one of the caves. I hope it will lead me through the mountains.

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This is the start of a wandering adventure thread that I revisited a number of times. It was fun to give something I made once a new story. The thread is finished, now.

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