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Hi, I'm barrow (they/them). Welcome to my wayside rest. This account is mainly for scattering abandoned writing and favoriting pictures of cute folks. I am duty-bound to carry out these tasks eternally.

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choose your own adventure #1, directed at reader 

The room is small, and the furnishings are uncomfortable. How long have you been here?

slowly becoming, waiting, old bark covered in soft vines and other reminders

ink running off the end of the pen, fleeing, dreaming

gaps between the chiming roots, a song in progression

chandeliers carved from old stone towers

candle wax whispering long-forgotten poetry

prism glass, collected and spun from wind beyond the valley

void-burned stars glimmering, despite the astronomers' declarations

patterened rain and felted cloud
gathered in the distance
the song is somewhere on the lips
of the future

brief lewd text 

spread and heated

a family can be a bunch of cuties and the collective dismantling of the carceral state

lights in alcoves within the tree bark

small bowls filled with soil and sand and glittering stones

tucking in the tree roots to a blanket of moss

moments lines up on the shelf, collected each by hand, by thought

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