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Hi, I'm barrow (they/them). Welcome to my wayside rest. This account is mainly for scattering abandoned writing and favoriting pictures of cute folks. I am duty-bound to carry out these tasks eternally.

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choose your own adventure #1, directed at reader 

The room is small, and the furnishings are uncomfortable. How long have you been here?

glowing mushrooms growing in an old lantern shell, humming softly under the starligiht

open to be called cute 

you're cute

threads on wheels
convincing ferns to sway
when the breeze is resting

forever unfurling the woven work of being

gathering dream-spun threads into eveningwear

brief lewd text 

practicing the lines

brief lewd text 

staying put amongst the sheets

brief lewd text 

parallel surfaces


evening in a field under the stars

brief lewd text 

sharp smile

brief lewd text 

wrapped round, clasped

brief lewd text 

particularly applied

cozyposting, physical contact 

arms as vines, shading soft skin from sunlight

all this old cabling
keeps humming
to the music

brief lewd text 

small stars gathering

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