On the radio this afternoon they're doing the (oh ho!) Tea-lympics where you have to give gold, silver and bronze to three teas

🥉 Yorkshire Tea (yes only third!)
🥈 Barnsley Brew (much smokier than supermarket teas, really nice)
🥇 Cheshire Breakfast Tea (a really lovely black tea with an added kick from saffron petals!)

What's yours!? 🍵

@ak But I would be interested in trying Barnsley Brew - I have a feeling that Barnsley folk know how to make a good cuppa.

@jamie You used to be able to get it on Barnsley market, but last time I was there a few weeks ago, the stall was gone (as were half the traders, thanks covid)

Nowadays you can buy it online (on a website peppered with Barnsley dialect) barnsleybrew.co.uk/collections

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