On the radio this afternoon they're doing the (oh ho!) Tea-lympics where you have to give gold, silver and bronze to three teas

πŸ₯‰ Yorkshire Tea (yes only third!)
πŸ₯ˆ Barnsley Brew (much smokier than supermarket teas, really nice)
πŸ₯‡ Cheshire Breakfast Tea (a really lovely black tea with an added kick from saffron petals!)

What's yours!? 🍡

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the state of modern radio

blondie plays after the traffic news, next

@ak But I would be interested in trying Barnsley Brew - I have a feeling that Barnsley folk know how to make a good cuppa.

@jamie You used to be able to get it on Barnsley market, but last time I was there a few weeks ago, the stall was gone (as were half the traders, thanks covid)

Nowadays you can buy it online (on a website peppered with Barnsley dialect) barnsleybrew.co.uk/collections

Bronze: 1990's wet storage 7581, a nostalgic favourite

Silver: Orchid aroma Wuyi oolong

Gold: high altitude Li Shan oolong

@tfb Wet Storage 7581 sounds like some kind of experimental HDD from 1998

@ak Ha, it does!

Translation: wet storage in this case means a tea importer/exporter in HK kept it in a humid environment for 0.5-3 years to accelerate aging.

7581 is Chinese Tea Factory code: 75=a recipe developed in 1975. 8=average grade of the leaves is 8 (cheap by the standards of a pu'erh factory). 1=Kunming TF.

These were ripened pu'erh bricks that back then could be had for insanely cheap prices, and were really fantastic tea.

@ak (and to qualify for the tea-lympics: I still have about 400g of one such brick, which I'm very slowly drinking)

@tfb @ak

not sure about top three right now, but there's an interesting smoked assam (in the style of lapsang souchong) I tried recently that's pretty good: tea-chronicles.com/fu-soonga-s

@tfb I have learned something new from you today, so thank you! :meowthumbsup:

@ak Sorry, for me there are way more than three!πŸ€”

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