Idea for an app

You feed it a recipe, and it'll tell you where in the typical supermarket you'll find the ingredients

So if the recipe says for instance, puy lentils, and you go "what the fuck are those", it'll say "they're normally near the rice and shit"

This idea brought to you by me wandering the Brighouse Sainsbury's for literally 20 minutes yesterday looking for puy lentils

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@ak I love this, but also I can think of a few local stores that would totally confound its logic 😅

@zigg I'm lucky to live in an area with a big South Asian community so if there is ever some obscure spice or ingredient that the Western supermarkets don't have, I just go in the Pakistani one and ask

If a recipe has some weird European ingredient that you can only get in a posh shop like Booths or Waitrose, I'll just leave it out, substitute it or cook another recipe altogether (looking at you, Balsamic Vinegar of Moderna)

@zigg or is it Modena? Moderna would be good, it'd add spice to your food and kill Covid

@zigg I once put Henderson's Relish in a recipe instead of the aforementioned Balsamic Vinegar and no one noticed :meowthinksmart:

@ak I love balsamic vinegar (wherever it's from) but Hendos is a perfectly good substitute.

@ak my brother's pet peeve is that when he worked shop floor he would constantly be asked where the eggs were, and tbh I can never find the eggs in a store that's new to me, are they with baking, tins, cakes, bread?

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