Finally got my butt off of (2 years, after bought it?) and moved my code to @codeberg.

While not a requirement – for me –, it's nice knowing that the backing organization is one dedicated to open-source and one you can individually get involved in and help with.

Especially with recent events, this was long overdue for me to do.

@WammKD congratulations! I also like @codeberg although I am not a programmer.

@WammKD I see you are a person of taste 😉 Good move!


@WammKD @codeberg

For a new projects with some devs, I created a rep on #codeberg but some are of them are arguing there is no ci/cd integrated plus some other things ... Like on #GitHub or ... #bitbucket ...

@hyde Yes, because these things shouldn't be integrated to git. Gitea already provides Web Hooks and can thus be linked into CI/CD runner like

@yarmo @WammKD @codeberg

@hyde @WammKD @yarmo @codeberg You could use's or's CI even when hosted on Codeberg, and you could also use Drone CI.

@clacke Do you have an example repo which does that or documentation of this? @WammKD

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