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meta grumbling 

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How to Tell I've Been Drinking 

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*bedum bum bep – be-dum – bedum bum bep*

Oh, yeah!

*bedum bum bep – be-dum – bedum bum bepghjikoieioi…*

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@gentlerdarknesses, whispering: I wanna watch gay stuff…
Partner, still whispering, to faer computer, without typing anything: YouTube, show me gay stuff

Food; Love Posting 

I submitted the idea and the issue got tagged as "feature"(!).

I assume that means it's slotted for development work; 'dunno when that work might get done but I feel way more excited about working on the player, now, knowing that the feature'll be available, down the line.

Personal; neg. but joking about it 

Physical Health 

Physical Health 

Fox News headline; ABC; The View 

Jude: Booba?
Jude: Have you ever considered?
Jude: That, as a husband, it is, perhaps, part of your duty to provide for your family?
Me: Baby, is this leading up to how we should get more cats or get sheep?
Jude: …
Jude: As I was saying, –

I was going to write an client (with the idea that I wouldn't have to worry about the actual playing-of-music part due to MPD).

For better or for worse, I really liked the iTunes setup of browsing my entire library at once and filtering/sorting on that and, work no longer worked on, I was hoping to implement something for myself.

But it doesn't look like MPD handles sorting of the queue for you so that idea may have to go out the window…



@swampwitch69 there's obviously only one if you're being cremated

once me and my friend cleared an entire room at a party because we were discussing which bruce springsteen songs we wanted at our funerals so loudly and intensely

gross(?); bowel movements; I love my husband 


Me, looking at my work: I don't want to have to deal with this tomorrow; maybe I can finish it before I leave…
Me, seeing how much is left: Forget it; I wanna kiss my husband more.

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