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I spent the majority of my childhood feeling unwanted in every space I inhabited; I don't have the time nor the energy for anything other than unbridled enthusiasm for others.

I'm just here to tell everyone within earshot how amazing I think they are and how priviledged I am to even have known them for the sparse 5 minutes I've just met them in; restrained affection, or even so much as detatchment, are just…never going to be things I'll be good at or feel comfortable in.

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meta grumbling 

Having a worse experience doesn't create a threshhold of acceptableness for others.

Something which is bad institutionally or systematically doesn't suddenly become O. K. when, or because, it's incidental.

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food, fruit; personal opinion; + 

Bananas do not ruin foods; it's the other ingredients that ruin the banana.

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How to Tell I've Been Drinking 

Jude Jude Jude Jude Jude is so cute and funny and adorable and I love Jude and a Jude is good and warm and soft and lovely and Jus6t is the best

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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@gentlerdarknesses, whispering: I wanna watch gay stuff…
Partner, still whispering, to faer computer, without typing anything: YouTube, show me gay stuff

"If you're looking for a sad song, well I ain't gonna play it," Springsteen sings, but joke's on him, I'm already nearly crying.

It's fine on its own but this Springsteen on Broadway version, all solo and acoustic, when he's just been talking about his home and family and playing songs like "My Hometown" which always make me think of mine.

Argh and then the next song is "Thunder Road"... No I'm fine. I'm fine!

Queer Garden is a little over two years old (2018-08-16) :rose_pride:

Here’s to another two :QueerCatHeart:

$$$ help, boosts appreciated 

Phone bill is out of the way and HOPEFULLY i'll be able to get my glasses soon. Groceries have been taking priority and I'll have to get some things for my stomach since my it has gotten so much worse recently.

Anything and everything is appreciated as always.

Thanks again as usual y'all β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’ž


Chicago! Fill out the city's budget survey and let them know we want the CPD defunded:

YouTube: "Seal farts after looking directly at me" 

I am a simple soul of simple tastes.

imagine a giant wheel with one billion eyes appearing in the sky n immediately being like "don't be scared lol"

does anybody here have a contact at the w3? one of their employees is hosting a dox of me with links to revenge porn, and refusing to do anything about it

boosts and advice appreciated

love posting; food; alc. 

Jude: *picks a drink with flowers on the can because it's pretty*
Jude: *sticks straw in can to sip*

I've just released #emacs #orgmode 9.3.8, a bugfix release.


Org 9.4 will be released soon, stay tuned.

I posted 2 questions on the guile-user mailing list

This is the first one (any help appreciated)


love posting; code, not screenreader friendly 

`(define (jude-is)
(let ([judeIs '("cute" "insightful"
"sweet" "attractive as Hell"
"funny" "the best"
"amazing" "my favorite")])
(display (string-append
"Jude is "
(list-ref judeIs (random
(length judeIs)))))

standing in my bedroom flailing my arms around and turning in circles to try and find a cheat code for infinite money

pets, dogs; food mention 

Me: *forgets plate on the floor with chicken on it*
My sister's dog: *speedily and guiltily goes running out of the room once we open bathroom door because he knows he's about to be caught*

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