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How to Tell I've Been Drinking 

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*bedum bum bep – be-dum – bedum bum bep*

Oh, yeah!

*bedum bum bep – be-dum – bedum bum bepghjikoieioi…*

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@gentlerdarknesses, whispering: I wanna watch gay stuff…
Partner, still whispering, to faer computer, without typing anything: YouTube, show me gay stuff

food; seasonal allergies 

food, sugar; + 

food, sugar; + 

unnecessary; talking into the void 

'Gonna have to find another self-play toy for them, methinks…

'Got a Fling-ama-String for the cats.

Kafka catches it within 5 seconds of me turning it on and assumes he can just drag it wherever he pleases, like all his other toys.

Now the both of them are just staring at it, mezmerized; not playing with it; just watching.

Jude: It says `whippet`; are you doing whippets‽
Me: No, darling.
Jude: "Yes"; it say _yes_.
Me: Yes; for XDG MIME Apps –
Jude: Well, you love mimes so –

If you like what I do on Twitch, 'hub, and elsewhere, perhaps you can consider giving me 'just the tip'~?

It helps me know I'm doing something right, and makes it easier to make better quality content (and take care of myself).

personal; race, Clarence Thomas; Christianity 

The reason why we drink Malört in Chicago is to remind us that we are alive.

personal; mh; ~ 

Aggressively showing affection is my favourite thing

silly, tattoos (+) 

the existence of airhorns implies the existence of earth, water and firehorns

Cap.s; Tech., Adobe 

STI vaccine psa 

You…with the nape…that holds my gaze…
You…with the tongue…that speaks my name…
You…with the arms…that keep me at length…
You…with the heart…that won't show its face!

And Jesus sucks the mud
out of your soul
But the flame in my eye,
it's gone blue and cold…
And you risked your wrist
to save my life
And I should have kissed you
that night…
But it ain't right!

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