A warning to all my bisexual siblings.

It's . That means they can see us. It is not safe to rob banks today!

@Vyen but also for bi visibility day everyone sees you twice (bc bi=2) so cops will have a harder time firing at you if you decide to rob a bank

Also, it means, bisexual people are at least double as pretty today

yes. Single syllable names that begin with a konsonant and end on "i" are the best imo

@trisschen @phseiff
I mean, if it wouldn't be for it's connection to a fascist leader, Xi would also be a cool name imo

@phseiff @trisschen
We should find someone named Fi and make a trio band

@phseiff @Vyen but in bi the bi does not stand for two. It is a common misconception.

@Vyen hi. May i send you a follow req? This post is gold. 😅

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