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Ok, let me get all this gay stuff out of the way here…..
Starting to gay now. Gonna ramp up gayness levels continuously over the next 120 seconds to avoid spikes on the gay field.

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Btw, I wish everyone who opposes people‘s rights to an abortion a very wire hanger being stuck in their guts.

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Wann immer ich auf dem Balkon stehe und über die Straße schaue werde ich wider daran erinnert dass dieses Deutschland schon alleine aus ästhetischen Gründen abzulehnen ist.

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The social construction of the two sexes that led to gender-binarism is the rootcause of all sexism. To end sexism we must deconstruct and abolish biological sex.
Change my mind.

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Lebe stets so, dass alte weiße Männer das Gefühl haben, du würdest ihnen etwas wegnehmen.

I gave you the choice to debate gender in a swordfight or a gunbattle and I think that’s fair

Selective blindness? Yeah I was looking up the definition in a dictionary recently, but I just couldn't find it

Adding the word gay to all my software so it can’t legally be used in Russian war efforts.

OH: 🎶I’m still looking for gaaay-dom 🎶

I think there should be sensors on touchpads and other pointer devices that lets you not only press a button but also pull one out.

„Thank you for traveling with Deutsche Bank“

Letzte Chance: ich habe für morgen Abend 2 Karten für grossstadtgeflüster in München. Hat jemand Interesse?

OH: "Wenn ich betrunken bin verfalle ich doch immer in Teen-Mode
- Hehe, HRTeen"

If you think trans people should have to be diagnosed with disphoria in order to get HRT, you also agree on the same for ciswomen in their menopause.
Also, access to contraceptives should be restricted to people diagnosed unable to parent then.

Kid woke me up one hour earlier then planned… at least I have time to pack most of my stuff for GPN before I leave.

Packing before you leave is always better then afterwards, right?

I‘m nombinary.

This means I’m always crossdressing when I’m not wearing my power armor

#feditips people's pronouns are none of your business. some LGBTQ+ ppl consciously avoid making a choice, some don't speak your language, some don't speak it enough to know about the whole pronoun business (great many no-gender languages out there).

So if there are pronouns in someone's profile use them, if not it's none of your business to interfere with their decision, and you gotta stfu.

Some thinking about the pandemic. Morbid and Ugly. 

I just don’t know. Maybe it’s exhaustion. Maybe all cards are already played but we‘ve invested so much emotionally that we can’t comprehend that it was unsuccessful. Maybe this is just as good as we could have done facing a reality that is largely out of our individual control.

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