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Btw, I wish everyone who opposes people‘s rights to an abortion a very wire hanger being stuck in their guts.

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Wann immer ich auf dem Balkon stehe und über die Straße schaue werde ich wider daran erinnert dass dieses Deutschland schon alleine aus ästhetischen Gründen abzulehnen ist.

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The social construction of the two sexes that led to gender-binarism is the rootcause of all sexism. To end sexism we must deconstruct and abolish biological sex.
Change my mind.

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Lebe stets so, dass alte weiße Männer das Gefühl haben, du würdest ihnen etwas wegnehmen.

I really should have written down what I did there over the last 2 Months....

zsh history go brrrrr.....

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Ah, shit I need to redo all my tooling now because all the homebrew paths were different on the old laptop and I have a ton of self built binaries on there that I need to compile for ARM now anyway...

new Apple device impressions blabla 

To be fair, I didn't have much of a choice anyway.
The device pool is basically empty and for new laptops I got to choose between the M2 Air or the M2 13" Pro, the difference mainly being the Pro having a fan (I prefer fanless) and a case that's known for it's hinge issues.

I have no Idea why they even make the 13" Pro or who buys those. They are segnificantly more pricy then the Air with little to no performance benefit over the Air.

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new Apple device impressions blabla 

If it'd be my own money, I'd still go for the 2020 M1, since the price is significantly higher with same specs.
Also, if I'd already have an M1 work machine, I'd have no reason to upgrade but with company paying for it and me needing a new device anyway, having Magsafe and less cutting into my wrists edges, yeah, why not.

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new Apple device impressions blabla 

So my new work laptop, the M2 Macbook Air, got delivered yesterday and I can compare it to the 2020 M1 model I own privately

* Keyboard feels slightly different, a little less klicky
* The edgy flat design looks and feel nicer when the lid is closed imo
* Not having the speakers next to the keyboard might make it more suitable to apply some foil to it
* Magsafe good
* The notch has not annoyed me so far but we'll see
* It is lighter but also feels less sturdy

allright fedi. I really really need to sleep now...

Now that I have wielded my typewriter up from the cellar, I am thinking what to do with it.

I still have some really nice 300g paper and could do some small monospace typesetting art.

hab noch billig-Rosé vom Discounter und fake Mozartkugeln....
My life may be trash but at least trash with some class

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Für Interessierte: Der Eintrag über die transfeindliche Biologin Marie Luise Vollbrecht im Blog wurde aktualisiert bzw. ergänzt.

Alright. Need to go get groceries, then do start the dishwasher and washingmachine, do some work while they run, empty the dishwasher and fill it up again, run it again. Hang up clothes, eat some food, do some showering and sleep early today (heh, as if).

Aaah. It's getting autumn when I feel like I need to mount a 1 tooth larger cog.

Next home weekend I'll do the annual anti corrosion service anyway so I'll wait until then...

Allroght. gonna pause work for an hour or so and go for a bikeride.

I think the info portal on WifionICE should provide a livestream from the front of the train.

I feel way too pretty for work.

I should be allowed to just sleep in and then stay in bed dreaming about someone special the while day

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Gibt es hier Menschen die gerne einen eigenen Laptop haben wollen, aber sich (aktuell) keinen leisten können?
Da aktuell alles so teuer ist wie nie, und halt auch Geld für sowas wie Technik für viele Menschen gerade einfach gar nicht drin ist möchte ich mein Lenovo Thinkpad x230 abgeben an jemanden der ein Laptop haben möchte.

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birdsite, transmisandry, angry and frustrated rant, accidentally turned into some feminist preaching 

New type of tweet discovered: “socialised so-and-so” arguments are suddenly fine when it allows the poster to co-blame trans men for toxic masculinity, because two famous trans men are assholes.


Begging my sisters to understand that excluding trans men from “I hate men” isn't the same as cis men going “not all men”. We can talk about some trans men's desire to share in machismo (and what role societal pressure plays in that) and about tokens like Buck without blanket condemning transmasculinity.

Transmasculinity is masculinity, and most of the time, it's fucking beautiful masculinity. Masculinity and being a man isn't inherently bad, it's the cishet (arguably also cisgay) flavoured toxic strain dominating our society that's harmful – not only to women.

Saying that you hate men and (implicitly, or worse and in this case, expressly) painting trans men with the same brush isn't the way to go. That's not how you liberate anyone. Trans men are men and I imagine (I know, I have friends who talk about that on a regular basis) your constant “men are so awful” stuff doesn't make them feel wanted, welcome, or supported. It makes them feel tolerated at best and excluded at worst.

And come to speak of it, “I hate men” isn't getting you anywhere. It's not men (as a group, not individuals) you should hate, it's machismo, sexism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, rape culture, etc.

But you know whose ideology is built around undifferentiated “I hate men” with no regard for the mechanisms that make men as a class so threatening?

TERFs. “Gender-criticals”. “Radfems”. That's not the kind of people you want to ideologically align with.

Trans men are my brothers and my comrades. Back the fuck off.

(Yes you can still say you hate cis men, they're not an oppressed class and as long as they stand by and let shitty men run rampant, the whole class deserves criticism. Just don't hold trans men and transmasculinity accountable for the crimes of cis men.)

looking retrospectively, this is actually a pattern with me for some reason....

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Self-OH: Yes mom, I'm asexual. I'm attracted to people who's names begin with A.

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bad awful lewd 

using the 'x for extended' naming scheme to create an extended version of SELinux, SEXLinux

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