I want to watch videos about fun console games from the ‘90s but I also don’t want YouTube to start overwhelm my recommendations with fascist content... help!

Me (seeing 3 boosts and 10 replies on a heartfelt post): I love how personal and friendship oriented The Fediverse is!

Me *steals a meme from Facebook and posts it*

Me *watches this stolen meme get 250 boosts and 300 likes*

Me: what the actual ffffffffuuuuuuu—

trans fem, bodily fluid, vaguely lewd 

Update: I did indeed get up after three hours of sleep. I am made of caffeine and hope and dreams of sleeping in four hours.

I have to be up in three hours. I’m trying to mentally frame this as a luxuriously long nap but I don’t think I’m convincing anyone.

selfie, vaguely lewd (bra, eye contact) 

Going out in denim shorts and a black camisole like it's nothing, getting no static. Feeling sexy as hell. I love my neighborhood.

selfie ec 

I wonder what percentage of pop music lyrics would be obviated by acceptance and normalization of polyamory.

Chandra Nalaar is trans sorry I don’t make the rules.

food, a joke about my vegetarianism 

bodily fluid, religious mention, misuse of ‘literal’ 

I feel like one of my goals in life should be to read every book in my bookcase but with the way I read, I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to do that.

abuse, long (15/15) 

abuse, long (14/15) 

abuse, long (13/15) 

abuse, long (12/15) 

abuse, long (11/15) 

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