ok so I need advice from the hive mind: if you were going to a conference by and for trans folks, and a trans psychiatric specialist was giving a talk, what would you want to hear them talk about? HRT and mental health? Meds? What would you wanna see them focus on, regarding trans issues and mental health?

@JakeMonkey I think the relationship between mental health and HRT is a great topic to hit on, even if most attendees are already well on the path. It is an ongoing battle

thank you!! so would wanna hear me talk abt meds at all? or just talk abt the impact of one on the other?

@JakeMonkey I think talking about the impact would be good since I do get confused sometimes about what I can safely take while on HRT.

@NeoAJ @JakeMonkey There are still doctors who won't prescribe HRT to someone who has any other condition. Mine insisted I have a full psych eval and be pronounced not to have anxiety etc. before he'd prescribe e+spiro. That's disturbing, given that in my case gender dysphoria felt a lot like the anxiety it wasn't. While attendees might already be on HRT, the problem of ignorant providers is general. Perhaps something on teaching patients how to point doctors to current info. would be helpful.

@drifa @NeoAJ

Which is completely ridiculous, I mean, holding someone's HRT hostage until they "prove" they have no mental health problems is not just disturbing, it's unethical and contrary to the current standards of care for trans folks put out by WPATH! I wonder if talking about the WPATH standards of care would help, so folks had a thing to point to with their prescribers....

@JakeMonkey Honestly, how to find a provider you don't have to educate or fight. Even just being an enby without any real physical health needs can be challenging when it comes to mental health.

ah yeah like tips on how to navigate the health system!! thank you!!!

@JakeMonkey I'd like to here something from a professional which made it clear that they understood the range of trans experiences, rather than simply speaking to talking points about, "spectrum" while not really getting what that might mean. Ie. I want to feel that they feel quite firmly that non-binary exists, and that can mean hormones and surgery.

@JakeMonkey Well, that's good to hear. Because I really only heard that from a perspective which felt far more gatekeeping, than actually something where it was actually considered to be quite valid.

Preech! hmm, so something about how to understand what options you can feel empowered to request validation and affirmation from, from your providers?

@JakeMonkey It sure would have helped us on our journey. It really felt like the message was, "well you don't need to transition" and probably if we'd heard that, we'd have not gone towards transitioning, including hormones, which I think would have been a bit of a disaster. We knew we needed *something*. And hormones, probably were needed, but even to get to the point of considering hormones at that time, it was a lot of gatekeeping. I *hope* things are better, but I've heard it isn't.

psychiatric violence, transphobia 

@JakeMonkey (I don't want that to sound confrontational, at all! it's just something I think could stand to be talked about more)

(Not at all! Thanks for the feedback! and the clarification!)

psychiatric violence, transphobia 

psychiatric violence, transphobia 

psychiatric violence, transphobia 

@JakeMonkey ableism, cisheteronormativity, racism, authoritarianism and status quo bias among psychiatrists

Thank you! Hmmm.... how do you think you'd like to see that couched at a big conference?

@JakeMonkey It's almost certainly not going to happen, but it would be nice. I have no idea how to actually word it, but psych types are not the most friendly in general anyways

*giggles and extends hand to shake* hi! I'm Jake! I'm a psychiatric specialist mental health nurse practitioner who's been invited to give a talk about trans issues and mental health at a big Google convention in 2 weeks! So ya better believe it's about to happen! ;-) So if you have input on what you would like to see a psych type talk about at a conference, now's the time to hollah!

meme reference, klanshit 

meme reference, klanshit 

meme reference, klanshit 

meme reference, klanshit 

meme reference, klanshit 

@JakeMonkey If possible, I would want to hear a talk on the overlap of neurodivergent and trans experiences, particularly the ways in which anti-neurodivergence discrimination can often be complicated by the addition of anti-trans discrimination and how those complications could be avoided.

Thanks so much! This is helpful! I think adding a bit about how to cherry pick their providers to reduce risk for discrimination as much as possible might help here... or at least what to do when you spot anti-neurodivergence discrimination in your provider...

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