time again!

Ohai! I'm your new friend Jake! I'm a socialist queer monkey that likes you! I'm in a longlonglong term polycule with @Yeledov and @kalcobalt both of whom I live with!
I'm a'datin pretty hard on @tisiphone and πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
I like new people sayin hi so say hi! I dun bite unless I'm asked nicely!
I'm probably out here playin vidyagarmes or managin my dire beets or cooking something fun!
Flirting: βœ”οΈ
Snuggling: βœ”οΈ
Meanies: X

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@JakeMonkey It's a hell of a day. I forgot my keys, and lugged by bike up 3 flights of stairs...not sure how to get it down...πŸ˜‚ How are you?

ohhh eeeefffff that sounds RUFF honey, shit! I'm sorry this Friday is being an arse! I'm busy but good! Got a few more trans clients today to write surgery letters for which makes me unreasonably happy!

@JakeMonkey That's rad! I bet being in your field can be really fucking rewarding. Fridays are just exhausting as hell.

Fridays are ALWAYS my busy days, and this time of year is my effing RUNNING MAN time. holidays are damn FRAUGHT when you're queer! But I love it. Rewarding ain't even half of it. You hangin in today?

@JakeMonkey I'm feeling good! My partner and I's mothers are coming together for Christmas. So it'll be a very Catholic woman hanging out with an atheist Jewish woman. Lord help us. I fucking feel that too. Holidays are so damn stressful.

@cyborgneticz hooooooshiiiiit! that is a fucking RECIPE!! damn it's gonna be a party! I'm so glad I'm Jewish. makes this time of year so much less stressful! *hugs my dreidel*

@JakeMonkey They love each other. My mom does Not understand Judaism, and she asked about getting a menorah or something. At least she is trying? O man Hanukkah rules. We are doing a five person Shabbat dinner tonight and I am stoked.

@cyborgneticz oooooh man. got some chicken roasting? we haven't done a proper shabbat dinner in a lil while... gotta hit that again... I hope y'all have a lit night!!! I'm glad she's tryin at least, that's all that matters. We're actually opening presents on the 25th this year bc FUQ channukah came early this year!

@JakeMonkey We are making a Puerto Rican recipe for a tart where the crust is plantains and the inside will be vegetarian carnitas made from jackfruit, plus challah and mad amounts of wine. It's so damn fun. I love that there is singing involved AND you drink. Shabbat rules. Lunar calendars man. Shit is wild.

@cyborgneticz *slobbers all over the damn screen* fuuuuuuq yer KILLIN me henny! I'm a foodie, I mean obvies lookit dis ass, ain't no flirt like food talk flirt! And jackfruit carnitas are BOMB. FUQ I miss plantains!!!

@JakeMonkey I am so fucking excited. Plantains have to be sent from God cause they are best fucking food

@cyborgneticz RIGHT!?!?! efff I gotta admit they are one of the fuds I miss most since being a damn diabetic. *drools* they are a gift from the gawds no doubt. I used to fry em up something FIERCE.

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