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YO! PSA time!
I'm a psychiatric nurse practitioner, means I prescribe and manage psych meds, I'm a trans poly queer that likes helping out the folks who have less of a share of the pie than the rest. You got some medical questions? You got some psych question specifically? Feel free to hit me up for some free-ass informal advice! Consider it a perk of being not a white cishet! :heart_pride:

Jake dating a trans girl? it's more likely than you think!!!

Yesterday: had therapy, then went to a meetup and met just a gaggle of rad trans folks to be friends with. Self care is officially clutch. Izzat some color comin back into my cheeks??

be nice to yourselves today, even if you're not sure you're worth it

together + today = to gay

the numbers don't lie

happy, lewd implied! 

it's too hot. i propose we take the sun and fire it into the sun

my smashed craftin outcome from tonight!! claspless! stretchy! comfy! reppin trans and leather pride! anybody want one? just ask! yours at cost if you're queer of any flavor! :heart_pride:

Intoxication (+) 

cheerful self destruction 

trans micro fiction 

Steven Universe season 5 + movie spoilers 

Here we go, if you need a very comfortable sleeping Manx kitty, here is one:


ec, selfie, stevenface 

flirting, kink mention, social discomfort 

cannabis, insomnia, fortitude (~) 

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