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YO! PSA time!
I'm a psychiatric nurse practitioner, means I prescribe and manage psych meds, I'm a trans poly queer that likes helping out the folks who have less of a share of the pie than the rest. You got some medical questions? You got some psych question specifically? Feel free to hit me up for some free-ass informal advice! Consider it a perk of being not a white cishet! :heart_pride:

lewd, drugs, nerd, bad, bad, bad, bad. i won't apologize for it, though. in fact, you're welcome 

BDSM mention (+++) 

eve 6 lyrics bc I'm seein em soon and they are relevant 

remember to let others be strong for you sometimes

OMG imma see Eve 6 in November here in portland because I was a teen in the 90s send toot

u, and i simply cannot state this emphatically enough, wu

wholesome undetailed sex and kink reference 

I just heard Mary feckin Berry say "I'd like to eat a bit of carpet." My life is now complete.

"It's over isn't it? Why can't I move on?"

I can relate WAY TO HARD to this song, Pearl.

Me to 2 med assistants: Client is in room 4 for their next appt.
Me: hallo?
MAs: we're running behind.
Me: Um, ok...

be kind to yourself today

and also every other day

internalized transphobia and ableism 

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