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Sure is fun me and so many friends and family being gaslighted our entire lives simply because of our [trans]genders.

When I learn to play a song, it becomes a part of my body. That's why I take care to only learn music that is written to enrich people's lives, and [cn rape] 

sending strength to anyone being texted by a straight man right now

Billie Eilish's "Xanny" and Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" have inverse energy

We have our tiny oasis here in our bedroom. Nobody can touch us here without our welcome. We know that it's a fantasy, but we don't care, because people like us get fairy tales, not happily ever afters. We watch videos and giggle and eat delicious food and tell each other how cute we are and rant about how horrible everyone else is. And sometimes we admit how scared we are, but mostly we just cuddle and say how beautiful we are, and hope it lasts forever.

May you always feel as fine as Lizzo knows you are.

It's the meme format where you state a thing, then rename the same thing in a more humorous fashion.

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Nah: "queerplatonic marriage"
Jah: "friends with benefits"

It's amazing what happens when the people writing tax law have no idea how actual health care works. The law is in direct contradiction with how reality works, and we have no idea what we are supposed to be paying taxes on.

Leggings aren't pants, and that doesn't matter, because humans have been coming up with new ways to wrap our meat sticks since the dawn of history, and they don't need to look like the old ways to be valid.

It's ok if you frighten cis people by being nonbinary.

Their fear is the fear of the unknown, and there is no shame in being part of the deep, terrifying, mysteries of life.

#nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

I'm constantly fluctuating between feeling lonely and wishing I had more social interaction, and feeling exhausted and worrying I'll have more social interaction.

I made my entire family watch Janelle MonaΓ©'s Dirty Computer for my birthday. Queer ex-fundie power move.

I don't want to see any of your pathetic VSCO Girl videos unless you can produce something as Smithsonian-worthy as this:

Me a decade ago: "I think I'm transgender, but I'm non-op, so does that make me cissexual?"
Me now: "Everybody should have access to free public transportation, and the Down With Cis Bus is happy to provide."

All history was changed in a single moment, split between the time before None Pizza with Left Beef, and this blessed era after.

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