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Why do hot dog buns come in packages of 8, but feral hogs come in packages of 30-50? 

In post-fidget spinner America, are stims more acceptable?

No Man's Sky is very good because, as the name might suggest, there are no men in it

"I am driven to give voice to my ancestors; I have to speak for them." Interview with a black woman who is a historical reenactor of a slave woman. 

A young black girl in box braids, a black football jersey, and a black tutu sat down next to me and insisted I teach her to crochet. She kept getting frustrated but she wouldn't give up. It was kind of sweet how she just felt entitled to learning a new skill from a stranger - she'll go far in life.

corny sex joke 

How do other folks function without having a crochet project handy at all times?

I can't wait till my hair goes more white, so that more of the indigo dye starts showing through. My hair is so dark!

Yes I did just send our intern this high-quality PNG - interns deserve appreciation too.

omggg is so much nicer to navigate and explore then steam

Just because there are other background tracks than Seal's Kiss from a Rose, doesn't mean I'm going to use them.

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