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I guess anything is edible when converted into a vehicle for garlic

Why does my phone keep autocorrecting "?" to "MLM"? This is so awkward.

MLM can mean men-loving-men or multi-level-marketing. One is a disgusting topic that shouldn't be discussed around children, and the other is super gay.


Lady Gaga put together a big ol' concert with Billie Eilish and Lizzo, and it's this Saturday (19 Apr) at 8 PM EDT (7 PM CDT).

"Viewers can watch the special on ABC, NBC, ViacomCBS Networks, iHeartMedia, and Bell Media networks and platforms in Canada. Internationally, BBC One will run the program on Sunday April 19, 2020."

(New Horizons) Nintendo Switch friend invite:

Pocket Camp: 68887736301

Loving the expressions of social distancing on Lex

Watching Charmed reminds me that inside of me is someone who is capable of kicking ass and having a new man every season if I just put my mind to it.

cancelling / accountability (1/3ish) 

If someone is doing the difficult work of
- realizing that they fucked up
- not falling into a pity-party or self-flagellation
- leaning how they fucked
- apologizing sincerely
- changing behavior

probably the most likely things to block that process and start a panicked fight/flight response (get defensive / mock / ignore / block) instead
would be:
- gathering a large crowd
- demanding an immediate response
- making 'you fucked up' into 'you ARE worthless'

Sure is fun me and so many friends and family being gaslighted our entire lives simply because of our [trans]genders.

When I learn to play a song, it becomes a part of my body. That's why I take care to only learn music that is written to enrich people's lives, and [cn rape] 

abandon anything I learn is by a rapist (looking at you Jeremy Soule).

sending strength to anyone being texted by a straight man right now

Billie Eilish's "Xanny" and Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" have inverse energy

We have our tiny oasis here in our bedroom. Nobody can touch us here without our welcome. We know that it's a fantasy, but we don't care, because people like us get fairy tales, not happily ever afters. We watch videos and giggle and eat delicious food and tell each other how cute we are and rant about how horrible everyone else is. And sometimes we admit how scared we are, but mostly we just cuddle and say how beautiful we are, and hope it lasts forever.

May you always feel as fine as Lizzo knows you are.

It's the meme format where you state a thing, then rename the same thing in a more humorous fashion.

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Nah: "queerplatonic marriage"
Jah: "friends with benefits"

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