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I witnessed a bunny standoff this morning in @Grey_Ghost’s and my backyard. Bunny A was happily doing bunny things when SUDDENLY Bunny B hopped into their path from behind a nearby tree. Bunny A immediately hopped backward a few feet and just stared at Bunny B.

They continued like this for several minutes until Bunny B got bored, looked around a little bit, and hopped off.

here's a touching and sweet video about a columbus indiana teenager who organized her town's first pride

In my town there is a coffee shop near the community theater, and I just saw it again as the bus rolled by.

I have no idea how good it is. It’s never open when I’m nearby. I’ve never seen people inside. Presumably it _does_ open because there are hours posted on the door, but can I know for sure? I’ve never been there during those hours.

It might be the worst coffee shop in the world, and yet I feel intensely drawn to it and I _must_ try it for myself someday.

Taking the kid to visit his father in jail today.
Advice or cute/silly comments welcome.

I've made some Tetrominos out of shrink plastic so that I can try the 7-bag method. :D

TL;DR: The randomiser puts all seven pieces in a bag, draws them one at a time, and then puts them all back and does it again. It ensures a nice even random distribution of pieces.


Things I tell my kid:
"That's a weird hill to die on but okay."

Is it safe to assume that a good portion of Kia owners have named their car Optima Prime?

I don't have any replacement headphone drivers, however I do have some very small regular speakers, 2" in fact.

Yeah I guess it took me spelling that out to realize it's misgendering too.

alienation of queer elders 

I always try to drive like human life matters.

I will be taking submissions over e-mail at first (I do not expect a lot to come quickly).

If you are a server owner, and you have:

1) A server policy against racism, sexism and transphobia

2) Daily database backups

3) At least one other person with emergency access to server infrastructure

4) Commit to giving users at least 3 months advance warning before closing down your server

E-mail with the subject "Server submission". I'll try to figure out the blurb/category

body mod philosophy 

body mod philosophy 

body mod philosophy 

My new hobby is typing "Is it gay if" into the Custom Prompt box and seeing how the neural network completes that writing prompt:

"Is it gay if I try to eat another man's lunch? ... It's true that you wouldn't be able to eat a sandwich made by a lesbian if you were straight"

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